Saturday, September 25th


All onigiri will feature BT21 characters & the BTS members for this special event!

Pickup Time Frame : 4pm-6pm

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Miss Bemeo Desserts

Joining us at our Feng Cha Addison pop-up this weekend is Miss Bemeo! She will also be doing new special desserts for our BTS event!

Click the button below to head to her pre-order!

inu-san stickers

We've made a separate shop entirely for just our custom stickers on Etsy! Over time we are constantly designing and adding more stickers to the collection!

For custom inquiries please contact us at :


What is inu-san onigiri?

Inu-san onigiri is a pop-up shop concept based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in Japanese Onigiri. We pop-up on a weekly basis in not only Dallas, but other cities/states as well!

We started out with an onigiri style that we created called "inu-style", which takes on onigiri with a modern approach that changes the presentation and taste. Traditionally, the entire outer covering is rice, with different fillings on the inside.

Inu-style often has the protein portion of the onigiri on top instead of on the inside, so you get more meat every bite! We offer "classic" and "inu-style" onigiri at different times!

Our goal is to bring classic Japanese flavors that people enjoy, while also exploring our creativity by making onigiri like no other!