If you haven't tried any of our onigiri yet, we highly advise ordering only 1-3 onigiri!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pre-order? Am I able to purchase at the pop-up?

If you would like to secure your onigiri order for pickup, we highly advise pre-ordering when we allow it on our website. Since we are still a small business, we limit order volume in order to ensure order quality and fulfillment.
We always try our best to sell extra onigiri at our pop-ups for people that didn’t get to pre-order, however we tend to sell out fast. It is difficult to estimate how many extras we will have for sale until the day of.
Usually when people order at our pop-up on the day of, there is only a small number of people that were able to score all the types/amount of onigiri they were hoping to try. Our extras are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Are any ingredients served raw?

Currently we do not offer any onigiri that contains any uncooked ingredients.

How long does the onigiri last? Do I eat it cold?

If the onigiri is not eaten within the same day it’s received, they must be refrigerated overnight. They are best within the first 1-2 days, because the rice tends to lose it’s soft-ness the longer it refrigerates. We always recommend microwaving (without wrapper) for 15-30 seconds, but technically in Japan they are eaten cold and hot. It’s moreso based on personal preferences.

Where are you located? Do you have a brick & mortar?

We are based in Dallas, TX and currently we do not have a shop location. Inu-san onigiri is a small pop-up concept that we hope to grow into a shop in the future! 
For now, you can catch us in different parts of Dallas-Fort Worth and sometimes other cities/states! Following us on Facebook & Instagram @inusanonigiri will keep you updated on our pop-up locations!